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Hello Facebook Friends! If you are in need of a competitive quote for office supplies contact Kathy George at Bishops Office Supply. Bishops has wonderful pricing and customer service! You will love working with them and you will never be a number to them. 281-578-9177
Thanks Kathy for everything you have done for me this year at Lincoln Property Company- Stephanie McGallion June 2011

Love the chair! Great delivery, service and set-up! Thanks, D.E. Houston June 2011

We recently tripled our office space and Bishop’s made a large furniture project incredibly easy - from the layout stage to the final installation.-Kathy2788@aol.com

We have tried many different companies and Bishop’s has proved to be the easiest and most price-competitive to work with. Our representative and your customer service staff are wonderful! -Jon G

As head of purchasing, my decision to switch to Bishop’s saved my company hundreds of dollars and made me look like the hero! - M. Pruholde